Commercial Metal Roofs

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals & Retro-R Panel

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, provides:DL-EM-Retro-R_DL

  • a full menu of metal roofing products that save time during installation;
  • striking visual details; and,
  • a secure fit for unsurpassed protection, durability and efficiency.

EXCEPTIONAL Metals Retro-R Panel is an excellent choice for retrofit construction.

  • It can be applied directly over an existing roof panel to give your building a new look and longer life.
  • EM Retro-R is an exposed fastener system.
  • EM Retro-R has a membrane on the back side to prevent rust from the old roof from transferring to the EM Retro-R panel.
  • Durable and weather tight roof systems that enhance the appearance of your building.
  • Many colors to choose from to suit your design needs.

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