Industrial Flat Roofing at Potash Plant

This industrial project has many different aspects to it. The company was not happy with the Spray Foam roof system they were currently installing. The roofs were only lasting 5 years so they were going through the same process year after year. That’s where we came in. First off, we had to have the Engineers at Duro-Last Roofing provide testing to see if the membrane could stand up to the salt debris that is in the air and that collects on the roof. The Duro-Last roofing membrane passed with flying colors! Secondly, we had to join ISNetworld. ISN is an global safety network. Anyone who works for industrial manufacturers must go through the process of meeting the ridged safety guidelines and criteria to be accepted. We had to prove that we are a safe working company, pulling records & documents for the past 3 years. We were able to provide this and were granted permission to work at on the job site. Thirdly, we had to figure out the safest and most efficient way to work on the steep sloped roof. The roof is 150 feet from the ridge to the ground. The first year we were there (2012), we worked from “Rope Access”. This meant, the workers had to be tied off at all times but also had to have a working rope connected to them. This method proved not to be the best practice. While it was safe, it was not very efficient. In 2013, we decided to try a swing stage. We discovered very quickly that this was a very effective system to use. We have now worked for this company for 3 consecutive years and they are very happy with our safety program and the Duro-Last PVC roof system we installed. Another satisfied customer! Call Today for your free Duro-Last Roofing Quote. Call 403-948-4433